We are an original supernatural site that takes place in Salem, MA., the supernatural capital of the U.S. We are considered an immediate para rp, with the ability to rapid fire in the proper situations. Be Our Death uses traditional inspired applications that require you to submit for approval before you can begin writing on site.

We are also a mature site. This means you must be 18 years of age or older in order to join our site.


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09.18 September Newsletter is out! Make sure you check that out! Also, sign-ups for the murder mystery event is still going on!

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Murder Mystery event is currently in the sign-up phase. Head on over here to get yourself signed up!

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Welcome Guests
Welcome to Be Our Death! We apologize but our site isn't fully viewable for guests. The appropriate areas are open for you to look through and decide if you'd like to make our site your RP home. We understand that this might be a turn off to becoming a member but as a staff team that has worked tirelessly for a year to bring this site to life, we would like to protect our content. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact staff in the cbox with your inquiries. To the left, you'll find navigation links.

Latest News
September Newsletter
Posted By: Duchess @ Sep 18 2017, 01:50 PM

September Newsletter

It's the month of September, and we know that means that it's been nearly 3 months since our last newsletter. The staff team hasn't been around much lately due to real life situations taking over our lives. Namely, pregnancy for me while juggling to take care of a toddler. It's a lot harder than you think! But as a team, we are hoping that we can get back on our feet and get the site back to it's former glory. We know that it takes more than just a staff team to do this, though, and we'd greatly appreciate the help of the members we still have to help us get there. It will be a slow start but if we stick to it, I know that we can get active once again. We all miss writing, after all.

We do appreciate that those who have stuck around did their best to keep active! It warms us to have such loyalty to our site.


This month, I will be running a bit of a small event to help get the ball rolling on activity. It will be a Murder Mystery event. Sign-ups are still taking place, so head on over here and get your character added. Everyone will be split off into groups of 3-5 characters (depending on how many sign-up) and it will be receiving prompts. It will be more along the lines of short posts. It would be best to keep to at least 100 words to help the event move easily but always remember to add bullet points at the end of your posts so that everyone knows what your post is about.


This month we will be setting up our nominations and voting for spotlights. I apologize that it's taking so long to even get this section set up. Please be on the look out for the nominations thread in the News section of the site. Also remember not to double nominate anyone and when it comes to voting, please do not vote for yourself. This area of the site is meant to give encouragement to everyone, not set up a popularity contest. If we begin to see problems having this area, we will remove this section of the site. Thanks!

What's New ☼

We currently vacationed a few species groups temporarily as we all get on our feet. In that are: Fey, Mer and Lamia. Lamia are a hard vacation until Duke is back on his feet and ready to re-launch their plot that came with the roulette for each of your lamia's. Fey and Mer are temporary and if members who have them want to still rp them instead of vacationing them, please see me for the password to the private sub-forum, otherwise, you can not post them anywhere on site as of right now.

We have THREE leader spots open! Pack leader, Streak leader and the Pride leader. These aren't spots in which we fill lightly. You must work towards them by showing us your interest, making threads with those in the group you want to lead and showing us that you can hold a leader position by going beyond what we expect. Yes, this means I'm not going to give you a list of things we are looking for, we are hoping that as someone who wants a leader you'll be proactive about what we might look for in a member who holds a leader position. This is also open for new members to try for as well.

Updates ☼

There wasn't too much updated lately, just some adjustments here and there to the site and the skin, as well as hiding the fey and mer species guides.

Reminders ☼

☼ If you're going for a rank or leadership position, you must complete the thread required for it before the position is yours.

☼ There's only 2 betas per species group, so make sure that they aren't already filled before purchasing the item from the store. It's best to speak with staff first just to be safe.

☼ The staff does what we can to ensure everyone is happy but we are human. We have our interests that we enjoy when it comes to plots and we have our... dislikes. We are often pretty open about what we aren't interested in doing which isn't a lot.

☼ Communication! No one is going to know you're unhappy with something if you don't tell them. Remember to go to whom you're upset with and not go ranting to anyone who will listen. It only makes the problem worse. We're all adults!

Next Month ☼

Next month is our Birthday Month! Which means that we may or may not have some fun things planned. Please do not expect a lot, though! Just a little something.
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