We are an original supernatural site that takes place in Salem, MA., the supernatural capital of the U.S. We are considered an immediate para rp, with the ability to rapid fire in the proper situations. Be Our Death uses traditional inspired applications that require you to submit for approval before you can begin writing on site.

We are also a mature site. This means you must be 18 years of age or older in order to join our site.


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03.08 Temporarily close/go private while we attempt to update everything, and give the site a face lift!

06.01 Reopened! We're officially back open as a site.

Site Event

New Site Event coming soon. For right now, check out the leopard full moon!

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Welcome Guests
Welcome to Be Our Death! We apologize but our site isn't fully viewable for guests. The appropriate areas are open for you to look through and decide if you'd like to make our site your RP home. We understand that this might be a turn off to becoming a member but as a staff team that has worked tirelessly for a year to bring this site to life, we would like to protect our content. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact staff in the cbox with your inquiries. To the left, you'll find navigation links.

Latest News
June Newsletter
Posted By: Duchess @ Jun 8 2017, 08:38 PM

June Newsletter

It's the month of June, which means we've re-opened! We're very excited about this even real life is still eating our time. We'd like to welcome all of our new members and soon to be new members! If you've found your way to our site, we hope that you have found something you like!


This month is the month that leopards will be able to do a full moon event. This isn't set in stone quite yet but if you have any questions or ideas, please shoot a PM to Wake to discuss them.

The rapid fire event is still ongoing but since I've lost track of my own threads and who is winning this thing, everyone will be receiving points for participating in the event.


This month we don't have any spotlights but next newsletter you'll find the winners listed here. You'll also be receiving a badge whenever you win this. Remember that we do our best to ensure the same members and/or characters aren't winning each month. We encourage members to not make this a popularity contest. If it becomes such, we will discontinue the spotlights.

What's New ☼

Newly re-opened, the site has been updated with a lot of new things. Most of which you've all experienced.

Lamia were released as a special species as a re-launch reward. The sign up for it has been closed so if you missed out, sorry! However, there will always be another chance for something special in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

While it's not necessary, we do have a Discord chat server. It's free and easy to use but again, not necessary.

Updates ☼

A lot of things got updated: the skin, species guide, mini profiles, the rules and many other things. If you are unsure about something that's been changed, please don't hesitate to speak with staff.

Reminders ☼

☼ If you're going for a rank or leadership position, you must complete the thread required for it before the position is yours.

☼ There's only 2 betas per species group, so make sure that they aren't already filled before purchasing the item from the store. It's best to speak with staff first just to be safe.

☼ The staff does what we can to ensure everyone is happy but we are human. We have our interests that we enjoy when it comes to plots and we have our... dislikes. We are often pretty open about what we aren't interested in doing which isn't a lot.

☼ Communication! No one is going to know you're unhappy with something if you don't tell them. Remember to go to whom you're upset with and not go ranting to anyone who will listen. It only makes the problem worse. We're all adults!

Next Month ☼

Next month is July, as of right now there isn't anything in the calendar but that's subject to change.
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